As we have moved through March, we have gotten a lot of questions asking if Thrive with Less is over. It is not. We have used March as the month to see what worked for us in February and apply it to our everyday lives. For me this has still been a challenge.

What I have done since February:

Clothes. I have gone through all my clothes and I have set aside about 20 articles of clothing that I will be donating. Before I donate my clothes, I will go through all my clothes one more time and pick more to donate.

Transportation. I have continued to ride by bike to any location within 2 miles of my house, with exception to one time when I drove.

Shelter. This is a challenge I haven’t really progressed with. I have a pretty small place as it is and I haven’t given up anymore space since February.

Food. Since the beginning of March, I have gone out to eat for breakfast, lunch and to the bars, but every single time it has been with friends. I have used going out as a way to reconnect people I care about and not just to stop and get something “good” to eat.

Community. I have been on facebook more and am no longer limiting myself to two hours a week, but I have noticed that my time on facebook has decreased from what it was before we started this project.

Passions. This is one I have been struggling with lately. Once again I have found myself pretty busy and instead of taking time for myself, I am cutting that time out of my life for other things. I didn’t fully realize it until I went and shot some photography with my friend the other day. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I shoot a lot of video but have never got to shoot photography with a nice camera. Talking with her helped my realize where I was and what I needed to do to get back on track.

As I’ve said, this has still been a challenge to me. But I have had a lot of support, from the group as well as other people who have talked to me or messaged me about the project, which has really helped me keep trying to change for better.

Here’s some stuff I shot with my friend Carolyn

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